The oligarchs of the first wave are leaving Russia. The “power elite” remains

Now the oligarchs of the first wave are fleeing Russia – those who came to power together with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This was announced on the air of the FreeDOM marathon on the UA TV channel by Russian satirist Viktor Shenderovich.

Now the “power elite”, whose hands are the keys to the treasury, remains under the Kremlin.

They, according to Shenderovich, will get into trouble with the law if they try to escape the country since they are all closely connected with Putin’s crimes.

“Ukraine will decide who to forgive from the Russian elite and oligarchs and who not.”

This opinion was expressed by the Russian opposition politician and former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev on the air of the information telethon, commenting on the information of British intelligence that 15 thousand dollar millionaires are trying to leave the Russian Federation.

“Now in Russia, two different and multidirectional processes are going on. Firstly, there is a great desire on the part of many Russian oligarchs and representatives of the Russian elite where to escape from Russia, from this government, and find their place in the West. On the other hand, this is a difficult question for all these sanctions that have now been introduced. Not just even from a domestic point of view. New accounts are opened in banks and, on the contrary, existing ones are closed. It is impossible to buy real estate there, in Western countries, there are a lot of different questions,” Ponomarev said.

He added that the West wants the Russians, first of all, to do something. I believe this is the correct statement of the question, Ponomarev emphasized. The Russian opposition politician believes that now a lot will depend on Ukraine.

“Ukraine will decide who to forgive and who not. If these people flee the Russian Federation, actively help Ukraine and actively fight against this war, then they can be accepted. If not, then let them better stay in the Russian Federation and suffer for it,” Ponomarev stressed.

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