The Poles are re-launching a collection for Ukraine: they want to buy helicopters for evacuation

A large campaign has started in Poland to raise funds for weapons for Ukraine. The first on the list were three helicopters to evacuate the wounded.

This is stated on the page of the initiative.

The goal of the “Arm Ukraine” campaign is called multiple fundraising so that the Poles can make their contribution to the victory of Ukraine.

“We want to regularly buy effective weapons that will help our neighbors defend themselves and drive Russian bandits out of Ukraine,” the description says.

The Poles noted that the ability to evacuate the wounded quickly would help fight for every soldier’s life.

“Thanks to these helicopters, it will be possible to quickly evacuate the wounded and provide them with the necessary medical care since they have the necessary medical equipment. Every minute gained counts and gives doctors an advantage in the fight for the life of the wounded,” the page says.

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