The Polish Charitable Foundation “Postup” and the Lviv Polytechnic will automate demining in Ukraine. There are already special drones and a ground platform in development

The foundation and the university are looking for funding for their projects, reported Dev.

The Polish Charitable Foundation Postup and the Lviv Polytechnic will automate demining in Ukraine.

Promotion is working on a technology for non-contact magnetic field scanning using drones. One such drone can scan 10–15 hectares per day, so in 5 years, with the help of 200–300 pieces of equipment, it would be possible to scan all open areas contaminated with unexploded ordnance (UXO) without involving 100,000 personnel.

National University “Lviv Polytechnic” is working on creating an armored ground platform that could perform tasks in an aggressive environment with a high degree of uncertainty of external influences.

It is quite light – 90-150 kg, driven by electric motors, and has good off-road capabilities. This may make the platform suitable for various operations carried out during humanitarian demining, such as deactivating tripwire anti-personnel mines, the exploration, recovery, decontamination and/or transport of discovered landmines as the performance of some mechanical demining operations.

Postup and Lviv Polytechnic will jointly seek institutional funding to accelerate further research and development. The attraction of foreign institutions will also be a priority. The Foundation is negotiating with several Polish universities interested in contributing to the research and helping Ukraine.

Given the fact that up to 1,000 civilians and military personnel have been injured and/or killed by landmines since the beginning of a full-scale invasion, there is an urgent need for technology that would further isolate people from the need to work in mine-hazardous conditions.

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