The Russian Federation is preparing for defense in the Luhansk region, prisoners and “Kadyrovites” were pulled together

On the direction of Svatovo-Kremennaya, the enemy is bringing in a lot of personnel.

The Ukrainian military in the Luhansk region once again repel the attacks of the invaders on Belogorivka, and in the direction of Svatovo-Kreminnaya, the Russians are on the defensive.

“It’s traditionally difficult for us, because if we take from the side of Belogorovka, then our defenders have been repelling the offensives of the Russian occupation forces around the clock for more than a week. Every meter of the Lugansk region is tough, the weather is still not favorable for us, the ground is very viscous and the equipment cannot pass, we are waiting for a cold weather,” said Serhiy Gaiday, head of the Luhansk regional military-civilian administration, on the air of the information telethon.

According to him, the Russians are bringing a lot of personnel there.

“There are Kadyrovites, and part of them were transferred from the Kherson direction. There are regular army units in the temporarily occupied Luhansk region, there are mobilized from Russia, there are convicts – everybody is there,” Gaiday said.

He said that the occupiers are bringing in hundreds of trucks with building materials.

“These are boards, and cobblestones, and those triangles (defense line), they are digging trenches, filling dugouts with concrete, preparing for defense,” the head of the military administration said.

As for the ability of the Russians to go on the offensive in that direction, according to him, they have such a desire.

“But the way the artillerymen accurately work out, the way our military operates, it frustrates their plans a little, and they are unable to carry out any full-scale offensive,” Gaiday added.

On November 23, the Lugansk regional military administration reported that in the occupied part of the region in some settlements, the enemy “mobilized” almost all the men.

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