The Russians exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the occupied territories

The Russians began to aggravate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine’s occupied territories to fulfill plans for the passportization of the population. Without a Russian passport, people are blocked from withdrawing funds from Ukrainian cards.

“They are trying to block the withdrawal of the hryvnia from Ukrainian cards as much as possible. We are talking about people who receive pensions and social benefits. When withdrawing the hryvnia, intermediaries charge 15-20%. In order to further crowd out the hryvnia, the Russians banned it “officially” from January 1. After that, raids on small businesses began. In the absence of the hryvnia, the occupiers force people to take payments from the Russian Federation. We are talking about 4,000 and 10,000 rubles. And even those can be obtained only if you have a Russian passport,” the Center for National Resistance report.

It is noted that in many settlements in the occupied territories, payments from the Russian Federation have long been limited. In fact, the money was simply stolen.

“However, pensioners are forced to stand in lines for a handout from the Russians because they are threatened with confiscation of housing for non-payment of utility bills. In general, the prices for occupied territories are greatly inflated, and humanitarian aid is distributed in a limited way, giving priority to holders of Russian passports,” the center added.

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