The SBI reported suspicion of treason to five ex-law enforcement officers from the Kharkiv region

The employees of the State Bureau of Investigations reported the suspicion of treason to five former law enforcement officers of the Kharkiv region, who cooperated with the occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories.

At the beginning of March 2022, one of the suspects received a position in the so-called tax authority created by the armed forces of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied city of Izyum.

She was responsible for collecting payments from residents of the temporarily occupied territory of the Kharkiv region in favor of the invaders.

The official also handed over the data of local taxpayers to the occupiers.

Two more law enforcement officers started working in the pseudo police station of the temporarily occupied city of Vovchansk in the positions of precinct officer and duty assistant.

The other two suspects “got a job” in the temporarily occupied city of Kupyansk and the village of Borove. They help the occupiers in every possible way and carry out their instructions: they conduct searches and patrol the streets.

All five traitors were notified of suspicion of treason committed under martial law (Part 2, Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the article provides for life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office carries out procedural management of the pre-trial investigation.