The SBU detained an arms dealer and discovered a stash of weapons in Zaporizhzhia

The Security Service continues to intensify counter-subversive measures in the front-line areas of southern Ukraine. As a result of a special operation in Zaporizhzhia, an arms dealer who tried to sell a batch of explosives illegally was arrested.

During the arrest, law enforcement officers found a batch of TNT in possession of the intruder.

He secretly kept weapons of destruction at his residence in the regional center. He sought out his clients through personal connections, including among representatives of criminal circles.

Currently, the issue of notifying the detainee of suspicion and choosing a preventive measure in the form of detention is being resolved.

In addition, during further investigative and operational actions, the SBU employees established the location of a cache of weapons, ammunition, and explosives.

More than 5 kg of TNT and plastid, as well as an RPG-22 rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade, were among the seized items.

According to preliminary data, the cache could be equipped for sabotage in the region.

It was equipped in an abandoned farm building on the outskirts of Zaporizhzhia. During her examination, the law enforcement officers discovered, among other things:

  • combat grenades F-1, RGD-5 and RGN,
  • more than 800 cartridges of 7.62 mm caliber.

The removed means of injury have been sent for examination.

An investigation is ongoing to establish the sources of the weapons and bring to justice all persons involved in the crimes.

SBU officers in the Zaporizhzhia region carried out crime detection measures with the National Police and under the procedural guidance of the Shevchenkiv District Prosecutor’s Office.

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