The SBU detained the head of the Mykolaiv region prosecutor’s office on suspicion of treason

The SBU has substantiated evidence that he cooperated with representatives of the power structures of the Russian Federation. And he used an intermediary to divert traces from himself

Secutity Service of Ukraine

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, he transmitted information about the operational situation in Mykolaiv and the region, about the dead military and civilians, prisoners, places of their detention, about the results of the shelling of Mykolaiv, daily passwords at the checkpoints of the region.

He was detained as part of a special operation. The SBU, through a figurehead, handed over to him simulated lists of the dead military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and a few days later these lists were already recorded by the representative of the Russian Federation, who the Security Service of Ukraine also monitored.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, he admitted his criminal activities during the interrogation.

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