The SBU is investigating more than 1,600 cases of collaborative activity, 420 people are already awaiting court verdicts

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine have opened more than 1,600 criminal proceedings under the article “Collaborative Activity”. Materials with evidence of treason and collaboration with the enemy on the part of 420 people are already in the courts, so in the near future these citizens will receive well-deserved punishment.

SBU spokesman Artem Dekhtyarenko announced this at a briefing of representatives of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine.

“According to the SBU’s materials, about 420 people, in respect of whom our investigators gathered evidence of collaboration and treason, will soon receive court sentences. Depending on the guilt, they will have to spend up to 15 years behind bars or receive life imprisonment,” said Dekhtyarenko.

According to him, since February 24, SBU investigators have conducted pre-trial investigations in more than 32,000 criminal proceedings in general, under all investigative articles.

Most of them concern the atrocities of the occupiers and violations of the laws and customs of war.

“If you count it down, SBU investigators open 160 new criminal proceedings daily. That is, the special service exposes at least 6 crimes against Ukraine every hour. This number speaks for itself,” the SBU spokesman added.

In addition, the Security Service has at its disposal lists, installation data, and all necessary information for each collaborator.

“The SBU reminds that crimes against the foundations of national statehood do not have a statute of limitations, so sooner or later, every guilty party will be held accountable by law,” Artem Dekhtyarenko summarized.

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