The SBU liquidated an underground crypto farm that stole electricity in the front-line territories of eastern Ukraine

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine liquidated an underground cryptocurrency mining center in Kharkiv region, which stole hundreds of thousands of hryvnias worth of industrial volumes of state electricity every month.

At the same time, systematic overloading of utility networks could lead to large-scale interruptions in energy supply to housing stock and critical infrastructure in the frontline areas.

According to the investigation, several local residents are involved in creating an illegal mining center. Technological equipment was installed in a rented warehouse near Kharkiv.

To generate electronic money, overtime volumes of unaccounted-for electricity were used, which were obtained through unauthorized connections to the network.

During the searches, computer equipment and specialized equipment with evidence of criminal activity were found in possession of the perpetrators.

Currently, according to the materials of the SBU, the issue of notifying the organizers of illegal business of suspicion and choosing a preventive measure is being resolved.

A pre-trial investigation is underway to establish all the circumstances of the offense.

Measures to expose and block the crime were carried out by the SBU Cyber ​​Security Department employees and the National Police and under the procedural guidance of the Holosiiv District Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv.

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