The SBU neutralized a criminal group that was robbing Kharkiv residents under the guise of law enforcement officers

Members of the gang carried out armed “raids” on citizens’ homes and “knocked” money and other valuables out of them. The attackers intimidated people with weapons and used violence and threats of physical violence against them.

The gang included persons previously convicted of serious and severe crimes, including intentional murder.

Its participants acted under the guise of law enforcement officers to hide criminal activity.

SBU officers detained five active members of the group: three – after committing a robbery attack, two more – when trying to hide firearms. Another person involved has been declared wanted.

SBU employees seized a large arsenal of combat weapons from the attackers.

The detained and wanted persons were informed of the suspicion. The court chose preventive measures for them in detention, and for one of the perpetrators, who is a minor, house arrest.

A pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

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