The Security Service of Ukraine eliminated an enemy bot farm in Dnipro, which created almost 10,000 fake accounts to “disperse” Kremlin propaganda in the EU

Cyber ​​specialists of the Security Service have neutralized a powerful channel of spreading pro-Russian propaganda among citizens of Ukraine and the European Union.

As a result of investigative and operational actions in Dnipro, the bot farm of the Russian special services, which was massively spreading misinformation about the social and political situation in European countries via the Internet, was liquidated.

In addition, the facts of large-scale agitation in support of the aggressor country and the “dispersal” of calls for the seizure of state power in Ukraine are documented.

The occupiers created almost 10,000 fake accounts through a controlled bot farm to carry out hostile information sabotage. SIM cards of Ukrainian, Russian and European mobile operators were used for their anonymous registration.

According to the investigation, a resident of the regional center, who worked in the IT field for a long time, was involved in the organization of illegal activities. After a full-scale invasion, a representative of the special services of the Russian Federation “came out” on it and offered tacit cooperation in favor of the occupiers.

On the instructions of her Moscow curator, the agents created a bot farm. The necessary telecommunications equipment was installed in the rented apartment.

The agents registered up to 100 fake accounts on the Internet daily using special software.

Because of them, she “generated” manipulative content on social networks, including fake comments by “famous experts” and “political scientists”. The attacker used materials from the Kremlin’s propaganda Internet resources to prepare pro-Kremlin posts.

The agents received money from the Russian Federation for carrying out subversive activities.

Cases of remote administration of the enemy’s telecommunications node directly from the territory of Russia have also been recorded.

Employees of the SBU of the Dnipropetrovsk region carried out measures to expose the offense.

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