The Security Service of Ukraine has exposed a new enemy bot farm in Kharkiv

The bot farm worked exclusively with Ukrainian military and law enforcement officers. Namely – through the SMS with proposals to surrender and side with the invaders.

Thus, the special services of the Russian Federation tried to conduct a special information operation and shake the moral and psychological state of the Ukrainian security forces.

The outcome of events is predetermined! Be prudent and refuse to support nationalism and discredited leaders of the country who have already fled the capital !!!

The bot farm was quickly discovered and neutralized by Security Service of Ukraine cyber specialists. During its short work through this channel, the enemy sent about 5 thousand SMS.

The most exciting thing is that all the equipment was located in the Dnipropetrovsk region, but was remotely controlled from the Russian Federation.

The apartment owner admits that he did not even guess about his role in the “special operation” of the enemy.

Currently, all equipment has been confiscated, and the SBU is carrying out appropriate measures with all those involved.

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