The Security Service of Ukraine prevented a terrorist attack in Zaporizhia and detained its perpetrator

The malefactor was a resident of Dnipro, born in 1966. He wanted to sow chaos and panic in Zaporizhia, and for this, he planned a crime at a mass gathering in the city center.

He made the explosive device himself and disguised it under a crutch. He inserted a pyrocartridge, an explosive, into its cavity, and to enhance the effect of the damage; he filled the explosive with elements of striking action: nails and bolts.

The man tried to “confuse the tracks,” and two days before the planned date of the terrorist attack arrived in Zaporizhzhia from the western region.

The SBU managed to reveal his criminal intentions and work ahead. The Ukrainian special services detained him in an “underground” apartment; explosive was neutralized.

Investigative and operative actions are underway; the detainee is giving evidence, and the version of the involvement of the Russian special services in the preparation of the crime is being worked out.

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