“The Sound of Silence”. Odessa Grekov School of Art in Paris

As part of LE FESTIVAL DES CULTURES EST-OUEST 6e ÉDITION, the exhibition “The Sound of Silence” by students of the Odessa Art College named after Grekov

Photo: Solomia Savchuk

The exhibition, born from a research work directed by the artist Mykola Lukin, director of the painting department of the Grekov School of Art in Odessa, brings together the works of young artists, graduates or students in their final year, made from their experience of war. With Miriam Gubenko, Nikita Paprockiy, Nikita Senkevych, Yulia Shayakhmetova, Kateryna Shylova, Oleksandra Shevtsova, Kateryna Smykova, Sofia Uspenska, Darya Vasylenko and Maria Zhiltsova.

Today, these young artists live in different cities, in different countries, but share the same desire: to make tangible, through art, their experience of war, their fears and their hopes, their sufferings and their losses.

Military actions, air raids, bombings, the constant flow of news, the expectation of victory – all this makes a terrible noise that makes you want to run and sink into silence. Silence, nowadays, has acquired a special meaning. It is both peace and respite, anguish and expectation. The silence has become heavy, filled with the phantom noises that we, who live in times of war, hear daily. Silence is also an opportunity to stop and understand what you have experienced, to give meaning to your experience through art.

Galerie du Crous

11, rue des Beaux Arts
75006 Paris

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