The SSU appointed a Russian special forces general who coordinated enemy sabotage groups on the eastern front

The Security Service of Ukraine reports this.

The Security Service has established the identity of one of the heads of intelligence of the Russian Airborne Forces, actively participating in combat operations against the Defense Forces in eastern Ukraine.

Being part of the occupying group, he organizes the training and coordinates the activities of Russian sabotage and intelligence groups in the Donetsk region.

Under his leadership, enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups are trying to break through the front line to sabotage against Ukrainian troops and critical infrastructure facilities.

It has been established that the attacker is a “hero of Russia”, a major general of the Russian Armed Forces with the call sign “Storozh (the Guard)”, who was “seconded” to the terrorist organization “DPR” back in 2014.

There, he was involved in the formation and combat training of Russian special forces groups to carry out reconnaissance and subversive activities against the Anti-Terrorist Operation Forces. For this, he used his special skills and experience of fighting in the North Caucasus.

It was he who commanded the enemy sabotage groups during the capture of Slovyansk by the Strelkov group and their subsequent actions against Ukrainian troops.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the attacker received a task from Moscow to organize the activities of sabotage groups, which included units of the Russian Air Force and members of the terrorist group “DPR”.

The investigation was conducted by the SSU staff of the Vinnytsia region under the procedural guidance of the regional prosecutor’s office.

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