The SSU detained a member of the Opposition Platform – For Life and the head of a capital bank branch, who offered conscripts to flee abroad

The Security Service has blocked new channels of illegal travel abroad by Ukrainian citizens of military age. As a result of investigative and operational actions, two organizers of illegal traffic were detained in Kyiv and Lutsk.

One of them turned out to be a deputy of the Chernihiv District Council from the banned Opposition Platform – For Life party. He offered potential conscripts to illegally leave Ukraine under the guise of parents with many children.

For this, he promised to provide false birth certificates for children and provide unhindered “escort” through the state border checkpoints for money.

The cost of such “services” of a deputy was USD 3,000. The amount depended on the urgency of departure and the client’s social status.

To implement the scheme, the perpetrator involved an acquaintance from Volyn as an intermediary for the transfer of money.

However, SSU employees promptly exposed the scheme and detained both criminals in the regional center while transferring part of the illegal profit.

Another channel of illegal migration has been eliminated in Kyiv. It was established that the illegal activity was organized by the branch director of one of the capital’s banks.

For 16 thousand dollars, he “guaranteed” the petitioners his assistance in illegally crossing the state border due to forged documents regarding unfitness for military service.

SBU employees documented the facts of criminal activity and detained the official near his place of work after handing over the entire amount of the monetary “reward”.

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