The SSU detained a Russian agent in the Lviv region who was directing enemy missiles at strategic enterprises of Ukraine

The counter-intelligence of the Security Service exposed another FSB agent due to a multi-stage special operation in the Lviv region.

The accomplice of the enemy turned out to be an engineer of one of the state-owned enterprises located in the east of Ukraine.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he was recruited by the Russian special service to carry out intelligence and subversive activities against our state.

At first, on the instructions of the enemy, the traitor collected information about the placement of strategic objects in the southeastern regions of Ukraine.

In addition, he offered the representatives of the aggressor country his help in developing the latest radar installation based on information about the Ukrainian radar.

Also, under the guise of a “business trip”, the agent traveled to Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia to identify energy and railway infrastructure facilities on which the enemy carried out missile strikes.

On the spot, he was supposed to inspect their technical condition and possible damage level and prepare a corresponding “report” for the FSB.

His next “trip” was to the Lviv region, where he tried to establish the location of critical infrastructure facilities.

The received information was to be sent to the enemy in the form of electronic coordinates and photo materials with reference to the area.

The enemy needed intelligence information to prepare and carry out a series of targeted missile strikes on the region’s territory.

However, SSU counter-intelligence agents promptly exposed the Russian agent, gradually documented his criminal actions, and detained him while trying to pass classified information to the aggressor.

During the search, a mobile phone with evidence of correspondence with the enemy and symbols of the communist totalitarian regime was found in the detainee’s possession.

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