The SSU detained a Russian spy who was scouting the positions of the Defense Forces near the northern border of Ukraine

The Security Service exposed an FSB agent during counter-subversive measures in the border areas of the Chernihiv region.

He covertly collected information about the locations and movements of Ukrainian troops in the region.

First of all, he was interested in data on the number of personnel, military equipment, and available weapons of the Defense Forces near the state border.

SSU employees foiled the plans of the Russians and detained their accomplices in an attempt to pass classified information to the Russian Federation. The attacker was found to have a mobile phone with evidence of “correspondence” with a representative of the Russian special service.

According to the investigation, the detainee turned out to be a citizen of the Russian Federation who had been living in one of the border villages of the Chernihiv region for several years and was engaged in passenger transportation.

In addition, he periodically traveled to Russia, where he visited his relatives and resolved personal issues. In this way, he came into the field of view of the special services of the aggressor country.

It was established that during one of these trips, he was recruited by an FSB staff member to carry out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the north of Ukraine.

For this, the enemy agent received an operational pseudonym and detailed instructions on the collection and methods of transmitting secret information. Anonymous messengers were used to communicating with each other.

So far, the SSU investigators have informed the detainee that he is suspected of committing the specified crime.

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