The SSU detained an official of the Odessa military administration who demanded money from businessmen

The Security Service exposed another high-ranking official for systemic corruption.

He turned out to be the deputy head of one of the offices of the Odesa Regional Military Administration.

The official established a large-scale criminal mechanism for receiving money from entrepreneurs.

For various sums of bribes, he offered businessmen his assistance in the “unimpeded” allocation of plots in the southern region.

SSU employees documented the extortion of $60,000 from a local businessman.

For this amount, he “guaranteed” the businessman the allocation of two plots of land on the banks of the Danube for rent.

Law enforcement officers detained an official near the administrative building of the regional military administration while receiving the first part of the bribe in the amount of 40,000 dollars.

The perpetrator faces up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property.

An investigation is ongoing to establish the crime’s circumstances and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Crime detection measures were carried out by the SSU of Odessa region and National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine detectives and investigators of the National Police in Odessa region under the procedural guidance of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

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