The SSU exposed an Odessa company that supplied the Russian Federation with raw materials for the production of laser sights

The security service exposed the leadership of a unique Ukrainian enterprise from Odessa in cooperation with the aggressor country.

The company sold highly purified inert gas and equipment for its processing to the enemy, which is used in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

In particular, these gases are needed in the process of manufacturing laser sights for enemy tanks and high-precision weapons.

The Ukrainian enterprise is unique in its capabilities, as it can clean inert gases up to more than 90%. For example, in the territory of the Russian Federation, local factories provide only 60% of the cleaning.

That is why the enemy tried to maintain control over the Ukrainian company. For this purpose, in 2022 the actual owners of the institution, who are citizens of the Russian Federation, formally resold its assets to a Cypriot firm and hired Ukrainian management for management.

In March of last year, Russian beneficiaries registered an affiliated commercial structure in the Middle East for the unhindered export of raw materials to customers in the Russian Federation.

This firm subsequently purchased the goods from representatives of the Odessa enterprise and shipped them to Russia.

Documents with evidence of illegal activity were found during searches at the factory, office premises, and the participants’ residences.

Investigative actions are ongoing to establish the crime’s circumstances and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The investigation was conducted under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

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