The Ukrainian Aeroprakt-40 UR-PAPV won the 17th World Microlight Championships 2022 in the Czech Republic

The contestants competed for 6 days in accuracy, navigation and economic tasks. Participants had to land on the first part of the beam to score maximum points.

Yuri Yakovlev, Ukrainian aircraft designer, aircraft builder, and founder of Aeroprakt, together with his team, won first place in the 17th World Microlight Championships 2022 on the Aeroprakt-40 UR-PAPV aircraft, held on July 23 in the Czech Republic.

The Ukrainian team took part in the event on the Aeroprakt-40 UR-PAPV, a Ukrainian-made ultralight aircraft designed by Yuri Yakovlev.

The crew of Ukrainians won in the class of two-seater aircraft of the RAL2 category.

At the helm was the aircraft designer himself, along with navigator Timofey Yakovlev. Czech crews won silver and bronze.

On this aircraft in 2018, Yuri Yakovlev has already become the world champion, and in 2019 the European champion in piloting ultralight aircraft. In the fall of 2018, he set three world records for efficiency.

The Aeroprakt-40 UR-PAPV 406 aircraft is a two-seat aircraft designed for small private aviation and cannot carry out passenger transportation. On such models, they compete and learn to fly, because they are not cheap. The price for them fluctuates around 60,000 euros.

The designer took the first Aeroprakt-40 UR-PAPV into the air 4 years ago.

Now ULTRALIGHT is an aircraft weighing up to 600 kg and a rescue system. Initially, engineers develop aircraft parts in the design office and may make certain adjustments to the technical documentation during the production process.

Parts that cannot be made of metal are hand-made by specialists from fiberglass, glued with epoxy glue and painted. Thanks to this, the part is light, aesthetic, and strong. The production of each takes from 8 to 16 hours.

Aeroprakt’s plastic parts are mostly made using a special machine for their formation. So do the glass for the cockpit and the interior equipment of the aircraft.

Metal components are prepared and cut on milling machines. The metal for the wings is produced in the USA, this is due to the energy intensity of the aluminum manufacturing process, the best rivets – in the Czech Republic, aircraft engines – in Austria, a significant number of parts and components are imported.

The 17th FAI World Ultralight Championship took place at Czech Hosin Airport from 23 to 30 July 2022. 42 crews from 10 countries of the world took part in the competition.

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