The Ukrainian became the strongest man in Europe and honored the memory of those who died in the war

The title “Europe’s Strongest Man-2022” goes to Ukraine. Oleksii Novikov became the winner of the “2022 Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM)” competition.

Strongman from Ukraine Oleksii Novikov won the title of the strongest man in Europe at the competitions held in Leeds (Great Britain).

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine on its Facebook page.

Novikov managed to win two exercises out of five, which allowed him to win the tournament. Oleksii took first place with 52 points.

The second was the Scot Luke Stoltman, the third – the Georgian Konstantin Dzhanashia.

I dedicate this victory to Ukraine. We will win. We are the strongest, remember this. We will be the most prosperous country on the planet. We will live very well. I promise you this. I travel a lot and I know that Ukraine is really the best country. Not I want to live somewhere other than Ukraine Glory to Ukraine!

Oleksii Novikov

The second Ukrainian Pavlo Kordiyaka also performed at the tournament. He managed to score 37 points, which allowed him to be in fourth position.

During the award ceremony, Novikov said that he was very happy with his victory and asked the audience to honor the memory of the Ukrainians who died in the war against the Russian invaders.

This holiday was very fun and great, but now there is a war in Ukraine. Please do this for me. Observe a minute of silence for all the dead

Oleksii Novikov

Let’s add that in early March, Oleksii Novikov took second place in competitions in the United States and won $100,000. Strongman donated all the money he earned to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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