The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company launched a container caravan to Constanta

Container traffic from the Danube ports in Constanta is reaching a new level and become more extensive. At the end of May, a container caravan consisting of the self-propelled vessel “Captain Shirkov” and five barges (total capacity 300 TEU) was formed in Izmail for the first time.

Unloading works in Constanta are currently completed. The caravan is already partially (180 TEU) loaded with imported cargo. We hope to meet our ships in Izmail at the end of next week.

Container shipments is an opportunity to use the UDP fleet more efficiently. After all, caravans with grain, as a rule, are forced to make reverse transitions in the ballast. At the same time, container shipments can be required for both export and import operations.

“We started container transportation with small volumes, in April-May the share of export cargo exceeded imports. But we managed to find a balance and form the necessary cargo volumes in both directions. Our idea to form a container caravan has worked; the demand for container transportation will grow – we already feel it,” said Dmytro Moskalenko, head of the UDP.

The PJSC “Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company” was established in 1944 and is one of the largest shipping companies both in Ukraine and in the Danube region.

The unique character of our shipping company is that the PJSC UPD having maritime and river fleet at disposal as well as favourable location of the base port of Izmail and also Ukrainian ports of Reni and Ust-Dunaysk conduces to the creation of a transport hub, which promotes the international trade interests of Ukraine in the Danube countries and also in the Black, Azov and Mediterranean Sea countries.

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