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Main Business The Wall: Mural opening in Brussels


The Wall: Mural opening in Brussels

The Wall: Mural opening in Brussels

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Ukrainian Institute and Port agency, in collaboration with the CHU Saint-Pierre, to open the mural named “Grow in Freedom” in Brussels on February 24 as a commemoration of the one year of the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine. The year of a Big War united Ukrainian people never like before. Be said, the Ukrainian culture faced its powerful renaissance in 2022.

The mural in Brussels will be created by a tandem of famous Ukrainian street artist Sestry Feldman and a well-known Belgian graphic designer, illustrator, and silk-screen printer Teresa Sdralevich.

The Wall symbolizes resistance, stability, and armor that fences off Europe from the war. At the same time, the title refers to the Pink Floyd cult album, a rock opera that tells about a hero who is fenced off from the whole world by a wall behind which he copes with his inner demons. To create murals, well-known Ukrainian and international artists are invited to find a shared voice that will speak about freedom, democracy, and unity.

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This symbolic co-creation is aimed at lighting up the alliance and mutual benefit of Ukrainian and European collaboration at all levels: between individuals, communities, businesses, and countries.

The project aims to show that Ukraine is part of the European Union community. Ukraine and the EU have a lot in common, the same values, goals, and rights. To emphasize their similarity while maintaining the individuality of every side, Ukrainian Institute and Port agency attracted ten well-known Ukrainian and European street artists who’ve created projects to show that the idea of interaction and synergy exists not only in theory but is also embodied in this project, where it goes through about co-creation, alliance, and mutual benefit same way as wanting it in a bigger scale – in the cooperation between countries.

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The Wall/Brussels is the 4th of 5 murals-symbols opened in Vienna, Berlin, and Marseille (one more is coming to Kenya in March).

Location: Rue Haute 290, 1000 Brussels
Date: Friday, February 24 / 11:00 AM
Project initiator: Ukrainian Institute
Project management: Port. agency
Artists: Sestry Feldman and Teresa Sdralevich
Partnership: CHU Saint-Pierre

This project is supported by the MFA of Ukraine and the City of Brussels in partnership with CHU Saint-Pierre and Promote Ukraine.

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