The winners of Odessa Wine Week 2021

Let us present those who were awarded at the Odessa Wine & Spirit Awards competition, those who are creating the trend of modern Ukrainian winemaking and laying the groundwork for the successful conquest of world markets by Ukrainian wine.

The competition, in which Ukrainian winemakers took part, is over. Ukraine has great prospects for further development and promotion of its wines in both domestic and international markets. Yes, there are many talented winemakers in the country who create competitive quality products.

The competition was organised in accordance with the rules of international competitions developed by the OIV and took place in the laboratory of sensory analysis of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. Each member of the jury had a separate booth, equipped according to standards and requirements.

Gustos Life tasting program with blockchain technology was used to evaluate the samples, which eliminates the possibility of changing the assessments of experts during and after the competition. The peculiarity of such an examination is the combination of the methodology of sensory analysis and the work of the jury.

Therefore, the esteemed expert jury successfully coped with its task of professionally and impartially evaluating the samples presented at the competition. Here is the list of the winners:

Silver medals

  • Shabo Chardonnay Grande Reserve 2015
  • Chateau Chizay Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • TM GRAYEVO Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • Winery KSV Wine House Red dry wine “Grand Vale” 2019
  • Chateau Chizay Ice WineRiesling 2019
  • TM Bolgrad Reserve Chardonnay 2019
  • FG “Terruar” Muscat Ottonel 2020
  • PE “Wine House Gigineishvili” Rkatsiteli Orange 2018
  • Stakhovsky Wines SAPERAVI ACE 2018
  • Yezhytsky Victor Sergeevich Chardonnay 2020
  • NAROVYLO Merlot Cabernet aged 2020
  • Vinhol Velvet LLC Villa Tinta Odessa Black 2017
  • 46 Parallel El Captain Pinot Noir 2019 85.17
  • Beikush Weinery Beikush Pinot Noir 2018
  • Winemaking of Prince PM Trubetsky Chateau Trubetsky aged 2018
  • Chateau Edem Solaris – Muscaris 2020
  • Negotsiant Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  • Chateau Chizay Cuvee 2018
  • Izmail Wine Pinot Blanc 2020
  • Falcon winery Merlot 2019
  • Tairove LLC Redberry Winery Station 2018
  • JSC Koblevo Flavored Marengo Di Fiore dessert 2020
  • Komissarov TM Biologist Merlot 2019
  • Komissarov TM Biologist Aligote 2020
  • 46 Parallel El Captain Pinot Gris 2019
  • Tairovo LLC Madera Wine Station 2018
  • TM Villa Krim Pino-Noir-Merlo Special Selection 2020
  • LLC Prestige Group Sparkling wine brut pink Odessa Prestige 2020
  • Chateau Edem Sauvignon Game 2019
  • 46 Parallel Cabernet 2019
  • PE “Wine House Gigineishvili” Merlot reserve 2018
  • Shabo Chardonnay Reserve 2018
  • Negotsiant Merlot 2018
  • The winery of Prince PM Trubetskoy Cabernet Franc aged 2017
  • Shabo Chardonnay – Sauvignon Blanc Grande Reserve 2019
  • TM Bolgrad Pinot Grigio Select 2020
  • PE “Wine House Gigineishvili” Cabernet Reserve 2018
  • Family winery “Frumushika-Nova” Sukholimansky 2020
  • Beikush Weinery Beikush Chardonnay Reserve 2018
  • Vinoman Winery Foam Rose 2018
  • JSC Koblevo Muscat Royal Dessert 2020
  • Beikush Winery Beikush Albarinho 2020
  • LLC Frucus TIM Odessa black Kyrnychyky 2020
  • TM Bolgrad Select Duo 2020
  • Chateau Chizay Troyanda Karpat 2017
  • Tairove LLC Chardonnay Wine Station 2018
  • Shabo Telti Kuruk Grande Reserve 2019
  • Falcon winery Solaris 2020
  • Chateau Chizay Pinot Noir 2018
Photo: Odessa Wine Week

Golden Medals

  • Shabo Cabernet Grande Reserve 2017
  • Beikush Weinery Kara Kermen 2016
  • TM Bolgrad Select Saperavi 2019
  • Winemaking of Prince PM Trubetsky Velvet of Ukraine Vintage 2016
  • Winemaking of Prince PM Trubetsky Riesling Rhine 2016
  • Commissioners TM Biologist Odessa Black 2019
  • Odesos winery Cabernet & Merlot 2019
  • TM Bolgrad Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • Komissarov TM Biologist Rkatsiteli Orange 2019
  • VinumNostrum Cabernet / Merlot 2019
  • Vinhol Velvet LLC Villa Tinta Cabernet 2017
  • NAROVYLO Riesling aged 2020
  • Odesos winery Cabernet Grand Vale 2019
  • Yanchinsky hills Saperavi 2019
  • Akkerman TM Distillery Aznauri Saperavi Premium. Aznauri 2019
  • Chateau Edem Solaris 2019
  • Maksymenko Igor (First Uman Winery) Muscat Ottonel / Aligote Orange 2017
  • Winemaking of Prince PM Trubetskoy Pearl of the Steppe vintage 2017
  • Maksymenko Igor (First Uman Winery) Aliberne 2017
  • Vinoman Winery Chardonnay 2018
  • 46 Parallel Grand Admiral Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  • Shabo Cabernet – Merlot Grande Reserve 2018
  • Vinoman Winery Merlot 2018
  • 46 Parallel Grand Admiral Merlot 2016
  • Vinhol Velvet LLC Villa Tinta Riesling 2019
  • Shabo Classics Brut 2016
  • Wines of Zaporozhye Cabernet Vintage 2019
  • TM Grayevo Saperavi Sandotren 2019
  • Chateau Chizay Cabernet Franc 2018
  • PE “Wine House Gigineishvili” Aliberne Reserve Limited Edition 2018
Photo: Odessa Wine Week

Strong Alcoholic Drinks Category

Silver medals

  • Akkerman TM Distillery TM Aznauri Cognac of Ukraine ordinary Five stars of TM Aznauri Black Barrel
  • Bayadera Logistics Ltd. Brandy grape brand Koblevo Reserve Extra Old
  • Shabo Brandy aged aged Shabo HO.7 Modern Collection
  • Shabo Cognac of Ukraine ordinary five stars Modern Collection
  • Yanolinkt Whiskey Muscatel cask
  • Chateau Chizay Transcarpathian grape strong drink Grape White Blend
  • LLC “AgroFruktService” Strong alcoholic drink made of fruit alcohols Grape distillate Papa Tolia

Golden Medals

  • DMK Tavriya Cognac of Ukraine vintage group KS Kherson
  • DMK Tavriya Cognac of Ukraine vintage group KS Askania
  • Shabo Cognac of Ukraine “KV” SHABO AXIOM X.O.
  • DMK Tavriya Cognac of Ukraine vintage group KVVYA Oriana
  • DMK Tavriya Cognac of Ukraine vintage KVVYA group Kakhovka Luxury
  • Yanolinkt Whiskey Laphroaig cask
  • DMK Tavriya Cognac of Ukraine ordinary Five stars Tavriya Kraft Collection Double Wood

Note: Always check the alcohol content and drink responsibly.