Art show at the World Club of Odessa: the “Gold of the Scythians”

On March 12, a personal exhibition of Stas Zhalobnyuk “Gold of the Scythians” will open at the World Club of Odessites.

For this exhibition, the artist chose works from one series, which were first presented last year, in May, at the IV International Festival of Contemporary Art Kyiv Art Week in the project of Stas Zhalobnyuk “Il rapimento di Europa” (= kidnapping of Europa).

“Gold of the Scythians” is a philosophical search for answers to the questions: Who are we? Where? Why and why? What happens to us when we lose our bearings? What do our ancestors talk to us about in their messages? Immersion in history, the return of lost names, awareness of the infinity and greatness of culture …

This exposition is a conversation about the main thing, about the painful, about what is haunted. In the relationship between the eternal and the transitory, the artist considers memory and oblivion as the key factors that determine the existence of myth in the collective consciousness. Majestic burial mounds, seething rivers, Scythians – as a symbol of the eternal and unshakable, rise above the ashes, the perishable image of which is depicted in still life.

Lately, I have been feeling the problem of memory and oblivion especially acutely: a lot is leaving and it cannot be returned. I read somewhere that the difference between humanity is that people tend to remember. We do not fully control what will disappear and what will become a legend: I notice that some phenomena and things instantly decay and are forgotten, while others remain and acquire new meanings. So maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of oblivion?

Stas Zhalobnyuk

The exhibition will run from March 12 to April 3. Free admission.

Source and pictures: CULTUREMETER