The world premiere of Antonio Lukic’s new film “Luxembourg, Luxembourg” will take place at the 79th Venice International Film Festival

The film will compete for the main award of the competition program “Horizons” of La Biennale di Venezia 2022.

“Luxembourg, Luxembourg” is the second feature film by Ukrainian director Antonio Lukich. The director’s debut film, the comedy “My Thoughts Are Silent”, won the National Film Award “Zolota Dzyga”, the National Film Critics Award “Kinokolo”, and also received a special prize of the jury of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary.

The film “Luxembourg, Luxembourg” tells the story of twin brothers who are trying to cope with their own lives when their long-lost father suddenly appears.

“A few days before the start of the full-scale war, we received a letter saying that our film had been selected for the Venice Film Festival. It was a great joy, but after February 24, the question arose – how to finish the film in time? Many left the country, some were at the front, the team was literally scattered across Ukraine and beyond. Since the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the Kyiv region, part of the team and the director could return to Kyiv and continue their work. We still managed, and now we have the honor of representing Ukraine in the international film arena and will be able to talk about the war with Russia with the help of cultural diplomacy.” – The producers of the film are Anna Yatsenko and Volodymyr Yatsenko

The main roles in the film were played by the members of the rap group “Kurgan and Agregat” – brothers Ramil and Amil Nasirov. The film was created with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

“In times of war, it isn’t easy to appreciate the importance of a film getting into the official program of an A-class festival – such as Venice. Yes, this is a small victory – because our culture is recognized. Yes, our flag and our country will be presented at a forum worthy of, for example, the Champions League or the World Cup – only in the cinema. Is it necessary for society? I am not a social analyst and cannot predict this. We have made this film selflessly for our people, and we dream that as many of our people as possible can watch it in our theaters and get the emotion. And the festivals are a good start to this journey of the film, which will eventually live its own life, for which we are very grateful to them. In peaceful times, this could make one’s head dizzy and make one proud, but now it is a reason to be heard, at least in the circle of the film industry and film fans worldwide. We will listen to the language of exciting cinema and current present and future topics.” – The director of the film is Antonio Lukich.

The 79th Venice International Film Festival will take place from August 31 to September 10, 2022.

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