There are 4 Russian ships and a submarine with 36 cruise missiles in the Black Sea

There are 4 enemy ships and a submarine with 36 cruise missiles on board in the Black Sea.

This was announced by the representative of the operational command “South” Vladislav Nazarov.

In the Black Sea, the enemy ship grouping has 4 ships and 1 submarine equipped with 36 cruise missiles and 5 large landing ships. Therefore, the threat of a missile strike and amphibious landings remain relevant. Consider this before planning your vacation on the coast

Vladislav Nazarov

He recalled that the enemy launched a missile attack on the Odessa region early in the morning, hitting an agricultural enterprise. Warehouses were destroyed, and equipment and several vehicles were damaged. Two people received minor injuries.

Nazarov also urged to observe security measures, and not to neglect warnings about air danger.

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