There are more supporters of a diplomatic end to the war in Ukraine in Germany

There is also no support for increasing military assistance to Ukraine among German citizens.

In Germany, the number of supporters of ending the war in Ukraine through diplomacy has increased.

ARD‘s DeutschlandTrend survey results show that 55% of respondents believe that the diplomatic efforts of the German government to end the war in Ukraine are not effective enough. It is noted that in June, there were 14% fewer such people.

At the same time, 31% of the surveyed Germans agree with the statement that Germany’s diplomatic efforts are expedient. In June, this figure was 12% higher. Another 4% (previously it was 8%) of those polled consider Germany’s efforts excessive.

In addition, the poll suggests that among German citizens, there is no support for increasing military assistance to Ukraine. Thus, 41% expressed that aid from Germany is already sufficient. 30% of respondents believe that it is excessive, and 21% – that it, on the contrary, is not enough.

Respondents were also divided on the issue of sanctions against Russia. 37% of respondents believe that the restrictions need to go farther. For 31%, the sanctions are sufficient, while 23% believe they go too far.

  • The poll was conducted by the research company infratest dimap from October 31 to November 2 among 1307 German citizens who have the right to participate in elections. It is noted that the error of the result does not exceed 2% for values ​​in the region of 10% and does not exceed 3% for values ​​in the region of 50%.

At the same time, it is reported that in Germany, in recent months, the number of people who tend to believe in narratives and conspiracy theories in favor of Russia has increased. Thus, 40% of the respondents fully or partially agreed with the assertions that the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine was “an uncontested reaction to NATO’s provocation.”

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