They prepare to send “moscow silver-spoons” to war in Ukraine – head of Odessa Regional Military Administration

The Russian Army suffers daily losses in the war in Ukraine. The Russian command is preparing to send “moscow silver-spoon” into battle to compensate.

The head of the Odessa regional military administration Maxim Marchenko made this statement in a video, which he published in his personal Telegram channel.

Given the effective work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian army is already running out of Buryats. There is information that Kremlin idiots will decide to send the Moscow “good” boys to the war in Ukraine. But for us, both Buryats and Muscovites fertilize Ukrainian fields equally well

Maxim Marchenko

The head of the Odessa OMA did not specify what exactly is meant by the phrase “moscow silver-spoon”. Most likely, we are talking about units where the sons of more or less wealthy Muscovites serve. Based on this theory, the Russian Federation would send even the mentioned reserves to the war in Ukraine. What their combat capability remains to be seen.

Recall that Russia seeks to increase the personnel participating in the war against Ukraine. To do this, the Russian Federation began to change the legislation to launch covert mobilization.

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