This afternoon, Ukrainian air defense shot down two cruise missiles in the sky over the Odessa region

On June 23, two Russian cruise missiles were shot down in the sky over the Odessa region. This was reported in the operational command “South”.

“Odessa region was hit by two more cruise missiles, which were successfully liquidated by the air defense forces,” the defenders emphasized.

According to preliminary information, the missiles were shot down at the time of the air alert, announced in the Odessa region at 12:02.

Explosions in Odessa and the region were heard at 12:04.

Also, the invaders do not stop attacking Mykolaiv: today, the city was hit by three ground-based cruise missiles from the occupied territory of the Kherson region.

“The hit occurred in the industrial and social infrastructure of the city, one civilian was wounded, the details are being specified,” the OC “South” said.

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