This is how the Zhytomyr highway looks like (photo)

By the materials of ArmiaInform

Destroyed houses in the village of Myla, corpses on the road, shot and burned cars, shell casings and shrapnel on the asphalt, destroyed entertainment and hotel complex “Grandma’s Garden”, broken service stations and gas stations – this is what the Zhytomyr highway looks like today 25-30 kilometers from the capital.

“Russian villains shot cars and people on the move,” – the inhabitant of Mila Valentina tells. – “Some cars were stopped, the driver and passengers were shot, and the car was taken away. A shell hit our house and burned two upper floors. They hid in the basement.”

Forty-year-old Alexei came to look at the remains of his private house. Barely holding back tears.

“Ironically, in order to earn money for his own house, he went to Russia to earn money, building skyscrapers there,” the man said. – “Now the russians came and “thanked” me for my work. No words…”

It is still dangerous to move on the road. There is a high probability of encountering unexploded ordnance, or just sharp fragments and damaging the car’s tires. Police squads and representatives of the Ministry of Emergencies work on the highway.

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