Three capesize vessels loaded simultaneously in Yuzhny Port (Odessa region)

In October 4, in Yuzhny port three capesize vessels were processed, at the same time (source: Administration of Pivdenny seaport).

The reported names of the 3 vessels of “capesize” type are: NYMPHE, SATORI and SIVOTA. They took on board, on the whole, 524.5 thousand tons of iron ore raw materials.

Capesize ships are the largest dry cargo ships. They are too large to transit the Suez Canal (Suezmax limits) or Panama Canal (Neopanamax limits), and so have to pass either the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn to traverse between oceans.

Bulk carrier NYMPHE (sailing under the flag of Greece) was loaded with 175.1 thousand tons of iron ore. At the berth No. 19 of LLC “TIS” 120.1 thousand tons were loaded onto the vessel, then the vessel was loaded additionally at the berth No. 6 of the SE “MTP Yuzhny”, where 27.7 thousand tons were already been lifted on board. The deadweight of the vessel is 180,010 tons.

The SATORI vessel (sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands) took on board 174.4 thousand tons of iron ore. The ship was initially loaded 116.7 thousand tons. Loading operations took place at the berth No. 5 of the SE “MTP Yuzhny”. The deadweight of the vessel is 177,456 tons.

Capesize SIVOTA (sailing under the flag of Malta) was under cargo handling at berth No. 20 of TIS LLC. According to the plan, was loaded 175 thousand tons. The deadweight of the vessel is 177,804 tons.

This year, the 5 largest bulk carriers that entered the port in October were named in the Yuzhny port. The first place was taken by the bulk carrier CHINA FORTUNE, which deadweight is 202,806 thousand tons. Bulk carrier PELOREUS is in second place, deadweight: 182,451 thousand tons. The third place belongs to the AQUAVICTORY vessel, whose deadweight is 182,060 thousand tons. In fourth place is MARAN HORIZON, with a deadweight of 180,940 thousand tons. And the fifth place belongs to the bulk carrier AM TARANG, the deadweight of which is 180.885 thousand tons.

Source and pictures: Centre for Transport Strategies