Three goals: Malyar explained the total mobilization in the occupied territories

The Russians are mobilizing through mass raids and detentions of men.

The Russian occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories are carrying out total forced mobilization to compensate for massive losses in manpower.

Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar spoke about this at a briefing.

Malyar said that during this week, the Russians focused their main efforts on trying to move deeper into the Donetsk region, but they were unsuccessful.

According to her, the losses of the occupying troops in manpower are constantly growing. The Russian military command is even postponing regular rotations of advanced units indefinitely without their additional staffing.

The Russians are stepping up illegal mobilization measures in the occupied territories for lack of personnel.

The invaders urgently carry out the so-called total forced mobilization in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine through mass roundups and detentions of men to send them to the combat areas.

Anna Malyar

In addition to solving personnel problems, total mobilization in the occupied territories has two goals. According to the deputy minister, this is how the Russians want to compromise a significant part of the population of the occupied territory in front of Ukraine and subsequently form a controlled stratum of society at the expense of collaborators.

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