Three landing ships of the Russian Federation were sent from the Black Sea for repairs

Three large Russian landing ships, located in the Black Sea, went for repairs in the annexed Crimea.

This was reported in the Operational Command South of Ukrainian Defence Forces:

A ship group of enemy forces has sent 3 VDK bases to the Crimean bases for repairs, but continues to maintain the blockade of ports and shipping in the north-western part of the Black Sea.

They also emphasize that the threat of missile strikes from the sea on the territory of Ukraine remains at a high level. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one carrier of naval cruise missiles of the “Caliber” type is ready to use missile weapons in the Black Sea.

It is unknown what caused the need to go for repairs. It is known that the storm in the Black Sea continued.

It should be noted that in the second half of May there were seven large enemy landing ships in the Black Sea, which formed two naval landing groups. However, stormy weather made it virtually impossible to land marines.

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