Through a T-shirt

Nika Zemlyanikina (Odessa). A series of photo works created in 2017.

This series, like some of her other series, is connected with the sea. As a native inhabitant of Odessa, she purposefully examine it and try to show a different sea that is not connected with standard perception.

A series of photos was born one day when I went to the sea, and instead of the usual beach panama, I covered my face with a T-shirt from the sun beating my eyes. So there was a cycle of photos taken through a red T-shirt.

Nika Zemlyanikina

Since she often walk with a camera, she wondered how the picture of the sea through the lens would look like. After this first experiment, Nika selected only two or three photos. The next day she went to the sea and snapped another film with a red T-shirt.

The small number of photos that Nika selected from these two shootings made up a t-shirt series.

I took photographs in lying posotion, from a certain angle of view, when reality is blurred in bright light. It is as if in childhood you distance yourself from objects, close your eyes and it seems that nobody sees you.

“You are observing everything through a filter, slightly opening your eyes. You see a man pushing a mattress with a large woman, or a girl, wearing a dress and hat. These marine everyday stories are reflected in this series …”

I hope that I managed to convey a feeling of deflatedness, heat, blurred silhouettes, as well as elements of surprise – the wind blew and at the moment of clicking the shutter lifted my shirt. So suddenly, reality was freed from the reddish veil.

Sourse: Mitec

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