“Till the last bullet!” The mayors of Mariupol, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv said they were ready to defeat the invaders

Photo: Kharkiv 01.03.2022

Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Mariupol are going through very difficult times due to the advance of Russian troops. However, local authorities assured that they would fight for their cities until victory and did everything possible to drive out the invaders.

Mayors Igor Terekhov (Kharkov), Vadim Boychenko (Mariupol) and Alexander Senkevich (Nikolaev) told about this. They assured that they were ready to personally kill the invaders after they began to inflict mortal blows on the civilian population.

We are all ready for absolutely anything. For any development of events. Only to defend Kharkiv

Igor Terekhov
Igor Terekhov (Kharkiv)

Although Kharkiv remains one of the Russians’ key targets, the mayor said the city would hold out until victory.

We will fight to the last bullet. And if the bullets run out, we will gnaw this horde, these fascist fascists with our teeth. As they say, “liberators of the Russian-speaking population.” Nobody captured us, there is no need to protect us

Vadim Boychenko (Mariupol)

The mayor of Mykolaiv also promised to fight to the last bullet.

We have a very large number of people who want to join the ranks of the defense forces, the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are queues at the entrances to the military registration and enlistment offices. I was not ready to kill people, to be honest. But after they started killing Mykolaiv residents, I am ready for anything

Alexander Senkevich
Alexander Senkevich (Nikolaev)

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