Tomenko’s “Terykony”won two awards at the GoEast International Film Festival in Wiesbaden

Taras Tomenko’s documentary “Terykony” (Boney Piles) about children whose fates were destroyed by the war in eastern Ukraine, made with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, won two awards at the GoEast International Film Festival in Wiesbaden.

The film received a new festival award, established this year – the CEEOL Award for Best Documentary Film/CEEOL Award for Best Documentary Film from the Online Library of Central and Eastern Europe (Frankfurt). The film also received a FIPRESCI award from the FIPRESCI International Film Critics ’Award (Documentary Film).

“Terykony” is a story about children who see the war not on TV and a childhood that continues despite the war. Heaps are the place where the action takes place and at the same time, the image of “spent” and abandoned human lives.

The story of children who suffered from the shelling, who lost their parents and loved ones, but continue to live and love where life has left hope for others.

The film’s world premiere took place in the Generation competition section of the 72nd Berlin Film Festival.

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