Trademarks of the famous Russian oligarch’s company worth UAH 2 billion were transferred to ARMA

Employees of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine seized trademarks of a Cypriot company linked to a Russian oligarch with an estimated value of over UAH 2 billion. Currently, by the decision of the district court of Kyiv, the trademarks have been transferred to the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (or ARMA).

It is about “Alfa-group”, the co-owner of which is the Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman.

Using the trademarks of this offshore company, officials of the Ukrainian financial institution carried out criminal activities to withdraw the bank’s assets under the guise of paying royalties. The Ukrainian bank, its parent bank in Russia, and the Cypriot company, are linked by the sole beneficial owners, among whom is a well-known Russian oligarch.

Mikhail Fridman

The investigation established that the trademarks previously belonged to the parent bank in the Russian Federation, and in 2021, to take advantage of preferential tax conditions, they were reissued to a Cypriot non-resident. In less than a year of using these signs, a private bank in Ukraine paid over UAH 248 million to a Cypriot non-resident.

The pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings is carried out by detectives of the main unit of detectives of the Security Intelligence Service under the operational support of the Department of Strategic Investigations of the National People’s Republic of Ukraine under the procedural guidance of prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

We will remind you that ARMA recently sold more than 2,200 tons of potassium chloride and more than 17,300 tons of ammonia, with a total value of almost UAH 580 million, which the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine seized. In order to transfer these funds for the needs of the Armed Forces as quickly as possible, in agreement with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Office of the Prosecutor General, an application for the purchase of military bonds was sent.

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