Train tickets Kyiv – Warsaw can now be bought online

Ukrzaliznytsia will transfer the sale of the most popular tickets for the Kyiv-Warsaw train to online mode.

Tickets for the Kyiv-Warsaw train from November 10 can be bought online. This is necessary to prevent fraudsters and speculators from engaging in fraud, as well as to simplify the sale.

This was reported in the press service of Ukrzaliznytsia.

“From November 10, the sale of tickets to the Warsaw direction is transferred completely online. By the way, we remind you that international ticket sales are conveniently available in the Ukrzaliznytsia mobile application. Cashiers in the old “manual” format will not sell these tickets: there will be no need to stand in lines and “hunt” for tickets, and in a transparent online channel, the railway will be able to track and block speculators,” Ukrzaliznytsia noted.

Ticket sales for the Kyiv-Warsaw and Warsaw-Kyiv directions will open at 08:00 20 days before the flight date, so that all passengers are on an equal footing.

“The return of tickets to the Warsaw direction, purchased online, is possible only in a pretentious manner at the station’s ticket office. This allows you to stop the mass redemption of tickets online through programmed “bots”, and then exchange them for the corresponding registered tickets for passengers found by scammers. Keep this in mind when planning your travels “, the company added.