Turkey will hand over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Bayraktar” for free, for which the Ukrainians raised money in two days

Photo: Ukrainian Chief of General Staff Valeriy Zalujny met with Haluk Bayraktar, General Manager of the Turkish defense company Baykar Defense.

The Turkish company Bayraktar decided to donate three Bayraktar strike drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for free, for the purchase of which the charitable foundation of a showman and volunteer Sergei Prytula collected.

This was said in a statement.

“Baykar is aware that a fundraising campaign called “People’s Bayraktar” has successfully raised the amount to purchase several Bayraktar TV2 UAVs for Ukrainians to protect their homeland,” the message says.

They noted that they know that businessmen and ordinary people have contributed funds – big and small – to achieve this goal within a few days.

“Baykar will not accept payment for TV2 and will send 3 UAVs to the Ukrainian front for free. We ask that, in return, the collected funds be used to help the people of Ukraine in their struggle. This solidarity and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges touch us” the statement said

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