Turkish companies will build a combined cycle gas station in Odessa

The Odessa City Hall signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of energy with the Turkish company AKSA Energy and Marjinal LLC.

According to the Odessa City Council, Mayor Gennady Trukhanov signed a memorandum with representatives of the companies Nisli Serdara and Kulekji Dzhevdeta.

The Memorandum provides for the development of the energy industry through the construction of the Odessa combined cycle plant in the city of Odessa.

Odessa Mayor’s office

Note that the combined cycle plant is used to generate electricity using two engines: steam and gas turbine. In a gas turbine plant, the turbine is rotated by the gaseous products of fuel combustion, and then they enter the steam power plant, into the waste heat boiler, where water and the resulting water vapor are heated. This design allows an electrical efficiency of more than 60% to be achieved. For comparison, for steam power plants operating separately, the efficiency is usually in the range of 33-45%, for gas turbine plants – in the range of 28-42%.

Note that one such station has been operating since December 2020 at the Dalnitskiy Karyeri landfill in Odessa.

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