Twid Studio launches a platform for cooperation between Ukrainian and global creative agencies

The Ukrainian creative studio Twid together with the British Red Bee Creative, launched a platform for cooperation between Ukrainian and global creative agencies.

The Twïnning initiative, according to the idea of ​​the creators, should simplify the search for allies for collaborations and strengthen ties between the Ukrainian and global creative communities.

The idea of ​​creating such a platform arose when, at the beginning of the Russian invasion, Twid received a message from the London agency Red Bee Creative with an offer to help, says business development manager Sasha Alimov.

“For a year of cooperation, the teams managed to rebrand Red Bee Creative, jointly participate in the tender for Eurovision 2023, and thanks to the Red Bee network, another British company approached Twid and joined a joint project for FIFA,” the team of the creative studio shares.

Cooperation with foreigners, according to Twid, will give Ukrainian agencies more opportunities, constructive criticism. Anyone interested in joining Twinning can do so by joining the community on LinkedIn.

Born from a friendship between a UK and Ukrainian Creative Agency in a time of war – Twinning connects agencies and creatives from across Europe so that they can become friends, collaborators and most importantly help to keep Ukraine’s creative industry alive and boost their economy. We are uniting Ukrainian and British creative forces for victory.


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