Two Canadians collected more than 30 million dollars for Ukraine

The collection of aid was so massive that Edmonton downtown was blocked due to the number of people.

Two Canadian politicians of Polish and Ukrainian origin organized 35 million Canadian dollars in aid to Ukraine. A Polish Formula 1 driver, Polish organizations and an airline were involved in the case, and the gathering was so large that it blocked downtown Edmonton due to the number of people.

“When Russia attacked Ukraine, I called Ed Stelmach, the former premier of the province of Alberta, during whose tenure I worked as a minister. Realizing that we have many contacts, we decided to organize a fundraiser,” said ex-parliamentarian and ex-deputy prime minister of the Canadian province of Alberta Thomas A. Lukaszuk. “At that time, we did not think that thanks to human kindness, we would collect aid in the amount of 35 million dollars. It is one of the largest private charities in Canada,” he added.

Clinics in Alberta, Ontario and Montreal donated medical equipment free of charge, the fire department provided, among other things, several hundred sets of clothing for firefighters, and police equipment and body armor.

In Poland, the aid was handed over to charitable organizations, which transported it by trucks to Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, the Russians killed two drivers, a Pole and a Ukrainian, this is a very sad part of this story,” noted the Canadian philanthropist.

In addition to the aid sent by plane, eight containers arrived in Gdansk. According to Thomas Lukaszuk, the last shipment was sent at the end of June. According to him, the charity campaign continues. The provinces are currently continuing the charity collection for Ukrainians in Canada. Financial aid is also being organized for a Polish foundation that buys ambulances for Ukraine.

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