Two concerts with Hobart Earle & the Philharmonic Orchestra

At the numerous requests of theatre-goers and after the grand May sold-out, the Green Theatre invite Odessans and the guests of the city for two concerts of the Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra under conduction by Hobart Earle.

June 24, 20:00

“Composers of America and Europe”


New programme from the National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra! In one concert we will combine music from different continents, different styles and different times. The most famous works of American and European composers will be performed in one concert. Conductor – People’s Artist of Ukraine Hobart Earl.

June 25, 20:00

“Waltz, waltz, waltz”


This year the traditional festive concert “Waltz, Waltz, Waltz” performed by the National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra will be performed at the Green Theater. The waltz, which will whirl in its whirlwind first Vienna, and then the whole of Europe, already on May 30 will whirl in this gentle and poetic dances of Odessa citizens.

The concert will feature wonderful works by world famous composers: Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Khachaturian, Dunaevsky, etc.

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