Two or three breakthroughs will be very difficult: Arestovich on the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south

Alexey Arestovich, the adviser to the Presidential Office, believes that it is too early to talk about the successes of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but in the course of the fighting, it is already clear that “Putin’s hopes in the Kherson direction did not come true.”

He said this in an interview with Russian lawyer Feygin.

“They (the Russians) hastened to declare victory there. Let’s just say that the number of videos that the fighters drop shows that our troops are active,” Arestovich said.

According to him, there is no “pause” in the fighting in that front sector. Currently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hitting not only logistics routes and command posts, the OP adviser noted.

But at the same time, Arestovich warned the Ukrainians about the “hard” cost of a future victory.

“Of course, we will return all our territories, but society must prepare for the fact that it will be long, tough and bloody. The attackers always suffer greater losses than the defenders. Except when they managed to defeat the enemy or take them, prisoner, completely, “and they didn’t even have time to twitch. It’s rare, but it happens. And what is now going near Kherson – slowly, with the blood of our soldiers, we will return our land. Can you imagine how much blood is needed to free the entire occupied territory,” he added he.

Arestovich noted that two or three breakthroughs in the offensive will be very difficult, but then it will be easier: “The good news is that the first two or three breakthroughs are very difficult. If we do this, then the Russian defense system will fall and all other successes will be more We need to take the first two or three Everests, it will be difficult.”

“In a sense, the completion or victory in the war may turn out to be more difficult – in terms of resources, in terms of blood, in terms of severity, in terms of psychological efforts,” the OP adviser explained.

On August 29, the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the start of the counter-offensive of forces in the south. In the first days, the defenders managed to move the front line, British intelligence stated.

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