UAH 300 million in one day

In one day, almost UAH 300 million (in equivalent) was transferred to a special account of the National Bank, opened to raise funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Funds for it came from businesses and citizens of Ukraine and the international community (including the EU, USA, Canada, Britain, etc.).

We are grateful to everyone who found an opportunity to support the Ukrainian Army. We appreciate your support, it is very important at this time. And together, we believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Kyrylo Shevchenko, Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine

The National Bank appeals to the banks of Ukraine with a request not to charge customers a fee for crediting funds to a special account, as the funds are directed to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It will be recalled that the National Bank has opened a special multi-currency account to raise funds for the army in connection with the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, Russian armed aggression and the threat to Ukraine’s state independence and territorial integrity.

Details of the official special account: UA84300001000000047330992708

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