UAH 93 million metal: The State Bureau of Investigation detects the property belonging to Russian entrepreneurs

The State Bureau of Investigation continues systematic work to identify and seize property belonging to the invading country in favor of our state.

During operative measures, Bureau officers found and confiscated the property of Russian businessmen in transit through Ukraine on the territory of the Sea Commercial Port in Odessa Region. The cost of metal blanks and products is over 93 million UAH.

Currently, The State Bureau of Investigation has appealed to the head of the military-civil administration of Odessa region with the initiative to forcibly seize products and transfer them to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thanks to the efforts of The State Bureau of Investigation, millions of dollars of the aggressor’s property have already been transferred to the army, including fuel, railway wagons with products, trucks, construction materials and other products that our army can use in the fight against the Russian military.

The active work of the Bureau continues – the property of the invader will be used for its destruction.

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