Ukraine and Lithuania will increase cooperation in the investment sphere

During the International Conference “Rebuild Ukraine“, Ukrainian government officials presented to representatives of the Government of Lithuania, European organizations, and Lithuanian entrepreneurs the Investment Menu, based on the main measures to restore and rebuild the Ukrainian economy. These are broad opportunities that Lithuanian entrepreneurs can take advantage of by investing in the Ukrainian industry.

Today, the Investment menu includes 614 promising business projects from 8 priority industries and sectors. These are the defense-industrial complex, agro-industrial complex, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, energy, mining, furniture and woodworking, and logistics.

Calculations of investment needs and opportunities have been made for each project, so key associations and companies of Lithuania can now choose promising areas for investment.

Another important area of ​​cooperation with Lithuania is the increase in trade turnover. Thus, according to the results of 2021, Lithuania ranks 13th among European countries in terms of bilateral trade in goods, with a specific weight of 3.4% of the total volume. In 2021, Ukraine exported goods and services to the Republic of Lithuania for USD 643.5 million. This is almost 32% more than a year earlier. And in the post-war economy of Ukraine, increasing trade with Lithuania will have priority.

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